"Products of CableOnCloud have a proven track record and are tough to beat in quality. Best In-Class Bandwidth performance: You can be rest assured that the connection given to the customer, is of high-speed and high-quality. Our CPEs have been tuned to provide bandwidth as high as 53MBPS which have been tested in the labs. CPEs can handle bandwidths up to 30 Mbps on a 32 customer NW. Peaks can be up to 53Mbps.

Cable on Cloud will win hearts because of the tough quality process and manufacturing policy that we follow.

Our range of products currently focus on HomePlugAV technology. Be it a Home or LCO network or an MSO network or an ISP network our Products/Solutions offer ease of use and multiple monitoring mechanisms for each node in the network. Be it SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) or CNR (Carrier-to-Noise Ratio) or Signal strength or Status of node (Up/Down) and many more tailor-made features across any size of the network are available at the click of a mouse or on your Smartphone. Cable On Cloud is based on EOC solution. This was HomePlugAV simply because this is the most cost effective solution that our Indian Service providers and customer can enjoy and at the same time get the highest bandwidth. "

Key field test findings are as follows:
  • For 1 stream test, the minimum targeted UDP throughput of 82 Mbps was achieved on 96% of all connections
  • In the 3 stream tests, the minimum UDP throughput supported was measured on each of three streams from one source to threes clients. In all measured scenarios the minimum UDP throughput supported was at least 30 Mbps
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