The CableOnCloud's system is designed to combine a CATV signal with Ethernet data for high speed data transfer to the customer's household over existing CATV infrastructure (Coax Network). With data being delivered on Coax to MDU/MTU or even a lateral run of residential customers, this solution readily offers services like Internet, E-mail, VoIP, Video-On-Demand etc. This coupled with excellent COS (Class of Service)/OOS (Quality-of-Service) features in the system makes it an ideal combination for LCOs/MSOs and even LCOs.

CableOnCloud's EOC (Ethernet over Coax) CPE for Access Network is based on HomePlugAV/AV2 (AV-2OOMbps/AV2-5OOMbps) technology. This device can be uplinked to EOC Master, and downlink to end-points like PC/Laptop/SmartTV/data device. The set of Master and CPE together provide the lastmile access solution. The advantages of the solution include realizing broadband access to Next Generation Broadband and convenient bidirectional improvement of CATV broadband, ultra low-cost and all- pervading.

The device ECx 2004/ECx5004 form the end-point device in the CableOnCloud's EOC eco-system of products. It complies with IEEE P1901 and HomePlugAV/HomePlugAV2 and provides excellent high-speed and stable connectivity.

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